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Home: Mystery, Witchery and Wonder

 All about The Auburn Skye!

 Imagine a misty path covered in fallen russet and wine colored leaves, leading you to the quiet cottage where all manner of witchery is brewing.  If we lived in a different time, I’m the one you would find inside that cottage.  But instead, we meet each other here!    I am a folkloric regional witch, a priestess, and a maker of magical moments.

Make Magic with Me!

The Auburn Skye specializes in offering unique online courses and workshops on magical topics, as well as curated spell kits, for weaving your own spells at home!

Drawing from a treasure trove of folkloric and regional witchery, I use the best of old and new practices to offer you:

-Witchcraft classes

-Magical Coaching

-Curated spell kits matched to your magical goals

Need something special for an event, a gathering, or a milestone celebration? I would love to help you build a ritual to remember!

The days have passed when people could go to that little house just on the edge of town to seek out the help of a witch to meet their needs, wishes, and goals.  So, I offer you a hand of help across the Skye from my own magical cottage to yours.

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