Never too late for sowing…

Well, we’re almost into July now so it seems like a strange time for a Land/Sea/Sky sorta witch to talk about sowing.  I know.  Yet, as I was weeding my super duper weedy little amateur garden, I was doing some thinking.

I’m growing a few veggies, and some fruits and a few flowers and herbs.  Surrounding them all is the relentless army of weeds.  We have finally gotten some rain and I use the water from the rain barrel (glorified bucket…..) to water in between rains.   I really think the water fresh from the sky does a better job for my plants than the sprinkler.

It’s a good metaphor for life.  If we want to grow good plants, we need to start from healthy seed.  If we want to those plants to yield, we need to nourish them well.

People speak of the same when it comes to our magical practice.  People talk about the importance of making good reciprocal offerings to the spirits of nature and guides, etc, if we want to have a good yield from our magical work.  I don’t necessarily disagree.  It makes sense.

Yet, I think it’s easy to overlook an even more fundamental step. What use is a glorious offering to nature if we do not attend to the care, nourishment and love of our selves?  If we are not whole and healthy ourselves, how can we expect our magic to flourish?

After all, *we* are the ultimate offering that we make to the magical world every day.   We need to cultivate ourselves; care for ourselves.

If you show me a witch who is horrible at self care, I can tell you that she or he also isn’t getting much magic done.  I have been that witch so I’m not judging; just stating a fact.  Just like you would not offer crappy offerings to the spirits, you cannot offer your untended self to be part of the magical world and expect great results.

Just like you cannot make a garden flourish with motor oil, you cannot make your magic flourish with a polluted life.  Your pollution could be poor health choices, horrible relationships, toxic vocational situations, over-commitment, and lack of self love.

Every good person I have known has faced at least one of these.  There’s no shame in it, but we have to fix that mess if we want our magic to flourish.

It can start simple.  Little seeds of self care is all it takes to start.  An extra couple glasses of water.  An extra fifteen minutes of exercise.  An extra phone call to a friend, or a few extra minutes to read.  Stretch.  Maybe say no to something you’ve been saying yes to because you feel guilty.  A hot bath.

So maybe your little seeds of self care will take off slow like the watermelon ones I dandelionplanted in my garden that are still microscopic.

Or, perhaps your little seeds are going to burst out everywhere and take over and run amok like weeds.  That’s okay too!  Some of what we call “weeds” are the prettiest thing growing in the ground on any given day.

They’re also tenacious, and that’s a good quality to have.  Plant a couple of self-care seeds this week okay?  I’ll do the same.  Report back!  You can use the comments below or the contact form. 🙂


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