The land and our bodies

This time of year, when the soil is black and the plants are green and the sun rises in prominence is the time that I naturally attune to the magic of land, or as some magical people may term it, the earth element.  However, to me, land is more than a single thing; the land is a living entity woven of many things and I am of it.  We are all of the land, and sea and sky.  But tonight, I am speaking of land.

Our physical bodies are our magical vehicle through the land realm, along with our conscious minds, and five senses.  Tonight, I had an experience that reminded me how the magical machine of my person is ignited by a combination of the land’s character, and my senses. The night was finally hot after a long cold spring.  I squinted into the sinking sun as I walked westward across pavement and grass until I stopped, poised in a moment my body received before my mind understood it.

The smell of fresh water droplets hitting the earth came to me.  It is the essential expression of earth’s soft sigh to combine rain and the rich blood of the soil.  I closed my eyes and accepted the bliss that stole over me as my senses drank in green world energy and filled my body with magic.  Or, I suppose I could express it thus: the green world switched my magic to “on.”

The cues were all there: the tingling in my palms, the rolling pleasure across my skin, my fluttering eyelids, and my breath coming in a sweetly measured pace.  The land was speaking to me, and my witch fire ignited.   It would seem like a perfect moment, to be treasured up and mastered and channeled toward something amazing.

However, that moment was not the right time to stop, cast a spell, write out intentions, or engage in some multi-step ceremonial process.  In a better time and place, I may have done precisely one of those things, or something else with purpose.  This time, all I could do was be with it and let it fill me up, and to radiate my bliss back to the land to feed it in return.

How much more perfect could it be?

This is all very romantic.  This is the sort of thing all of the witches and various assorted pagans and random others write about.  These are the experiences we all come to dream of as magical people who work with land, sea and sky.


Now, I’m going to pull the photo filter off of this, not to ruin the moment but to talk about how very possible it is to be in such an intimate relationship with the land and to allow that to be true even in what may seem like very ordinary moments.

Why was it not the right place to move magic, speak intentions, whisper spells, or stop on the spot and engage in something especially ceremonial?  Were there not drops hitting soil, ruffling up all of that green energy, pleasing my body and mind, feeding my soul, filling me with power, overcoming me with bliss?  Yes, all of that was true.

So what gives?

Here’s what the issue was (and I’ll tell you why it’s not a bad thing in a minute):  I was not trekking through hidden pathways of the wild natural world when sweet rain turned me into green witch of the year.  Oh no.  I was crossing a street, up onto a curb, and across a lawn

Kinda like this one. Not the stuff of witchy instagram photos.

toward my vehicle in a parking lot.  Their sprinklers were on.  Yep, that’s right.  Parking lot and lawn sprinklers.

Not a magical meadow where I was gracefully dancing back to my witch cottage in my gossamer white dress with my perfectly wavy red hair dancing delicately over my shoulders.  Nope.

I was on my way to my car, the sun was on me, and I was sweating a little bit and carrying stuff. I had just spilled water down my shirt.  The humidity made my hair look frizzy and I assure you there were circles under my eyes because people, seriously, I’m tired.   It was decidedly ordinary.  It was not the stuff of every girl’s magical aspirations.

And that’s why it was perfect.  When your magical spark awakens and fills you with bliss and power because someone turned their sprinklers on in the evening by the parking lot you’re headed to, I gotta tell ya…then you know that your body knows the land and the land knows your body.  They can hardly wait to make magic together.

If you can walk through this ordinary world and be open to receiving those moments without judging whether or not the land was pretty enough when it fed you all of its love, you will never be without magic.  I took that moment and enjoyed that bliss and let it awaken me.  That was enough. That was pure; it was whole.

Drink up those moments as they come, and without judgment.  I don’t know about you, but I’m around parking lots and lawns far more than magical meadows and white gossamer gowns. I won’t wait to let the earth light me from within.


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