A Life of Wonder: Unique Witchcraft Courses

Would you like to start out on your own wonder- journey of witchcraft?  Or, if you are already an experienced magical practitioner, would you like to strengthen your skills, increase your magical confidence, and find new threads in your magical tapestry?

Coming Soon!!

Let me share my 20+ years of experience, trials and errors, successes and victories with you, through a series of online courses, and workshops.

Upcoming courses include:

-Encountering Your Wildness: An Eight Week Journey
-The Building Blocks of Ceremony
-The Three Magical Realms: Orientation
-European Folk Magic, Spells, and Rituals
-It’s just you and the universe; Trusting your magic
-Speak it, Write it, Do it: The power of language in manifestation spells
Check the site regularly for announcements of courses and enrollment dates.  Submit your email in the contact form below and I will add you to my mailing list for updates, offerings, specials and deals. 



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